General Questions (FAQ)

What is TrekLink®?
Some things are best when experienced first hand. TrekLink® allows one of those “seeing-is-believing” experiences. Every individual and organization who signs up will experience TrekLink® in their own special way.  After all, in the 21st century we all deserve our own unique way to experience life and to be connected to who, what, when and where by our own preferences. TrekLink® empowers rather than hinders, informs rather than bothers, and lets the members who want to be social or those who seek companionship. Most of all it helps enriched lives of those who are seeking something different and unique.

What is Experiential Intelligence ™®?
Experiential Intelligence ™® is the name of our patent pending proprietary software which aligns and connects all things related to who, what, when and where, specifically based on the members individual unique preferences.

Is TrekLink® an online dating site?
No, but TrekLink® does cultivate relationships of all types which can lead to possible romantic relationships. TrekLink® facilitates relationships across a variety of spectrums, rooted in the unique passions and interests of our members. Most “dating” sites and services place emphasis on romance where TrekLink® helps in connecting people with similar interests and hobbies which can lead to friendships, new social circles and even romantic relationships.

How does TrekLink® compare to other free apps and websites?
There is no comparison. TrekLink® is in a class of its own. Combined, there are thousands of websites and apps in the world, but they all do a small portion of what TrekLink® provides all inclusively. Our mission is to provide a single set of tools to help out members search less and do more with people who they love to do it with and to Live Lively! ®

Is there a mobile app download for TrekLink®?
TrekLink® is currently only available as a browser-based application. Development of our mobile application will begin Q2 of 2017. We’ll keep all members up to date with our progress. Until then, TrekLink® has been developed as a “responsive” web application. Please feel free to let us know how TrekLink® is showing up on your mobile device at TrekLink-Feedback@treklink.com

What browsers best support TrekLink®?
TrekLink® supports all modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 and later). 

Where is TrekLink® currently available?
TrekLink® is available anywhere in the world, with internet access! That being said, the TrekLink® website portal is still only in English, so the majority of our members are based in places like the United States, Australia, UK and Canada. It’s important to note, however, that TrekLink® supports a global community, and we have many members from all over the world. If TrekLink® is new in your area, you can still find ways of forming friendships and connections through the TrekLink® community.

How do I sign up to TrekLink® as an Individual Member?
TrekLink® signup is quick! Simply click [here] to create your profile.  Your TrekLink® experience is as good as the amount and quality of information you provide!

What is different about TrekLink® compared to Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn?
All social platforms are unique and TrekLink® is no exception to the rule. TrekLink® is nothing like any other social network site in the world!  Experience through TrekLink® is unique to each user, just as we believe it should be. TrekLink® won’t waste your time ! Our mission is not to discriminate, spy on our members or pollute their lives with irrelevant content or offers. TrekLink® allows the freedom to explore the world and meet new people on our members own terms. We strive to make TrekLink® the single most enjoyable social application experience ever!

Is TrekLink® an online travel agent (OTA)?
No. Although TrekLink® and or businesses within the TrekLink® environment may provide our members with an opportunities and resources to plan and book their travel needs, TrekLink® is not an OTA.

How does TrekLink ® compare to Search Engines?
It’s simple! Although TrekLink® eliminates our members’ need to “search” for anything related to their lifestyle, passions, and interests, TrekLink® does provide many ways for our members to search for things based on who, what, when, where and even why.

Safety, Security & Privacy

Is TrekLink® a safe way to meet new people?
Absolutely!  TrekLink® is more safe than most social network sites for meeting new people.  It is our  priority to make sure that our memebers feels safe when using TrekLink®. We have two layers of identity validation.  The first layer is our own identity criteria which we hope individual members will utilize to improve their social experience.  The second layer is provided by a third-party firm who specializes in confidential identity validation for some of the largest companies in the world. Beyond being validated, we highly encourage precaution when meeting up with someone for the first time.  In case there are any concerns, we advise that all first-time meetings occur in a crowded well-lit space.

Will people know who I am on TrekLink®?
TrekLink® provides three settings within the member profile: private, just friends and public. Each memeber can choose their own setting and change them at any point if necessary.

  • Invisible – No one will have the ability to view or access the profile of a “private member” nor will anyone have access to any of the activities posted by a member with a private profile, such as a Trek.
  • Just Friends – Only fellow TrekLink® members who have been added to a member’s TrekLink® Contacts will have access to a member with their setting adjusted to “Just Friends”.  Friends of friends will always have access to public events and information posted by a fellow TrekLink® member with their profile marked “Just Friends”
  • Public – TrekLink® “public profile” members will be transparent across TrekLink®, as well as have access to all other “public member” profiles. Public profiles are limited to displaying the member’s full name, and city/region or town of residence. TrekLink’s® member email address and or phone number information are never revealed to the public.


Will my personal identity be protected on TrekLink®?
TrekLink® takes our member’s personal identity very seriously.  We employ the highest level of industry security measures to protect the identity of our members.  TrekLink® has no reason or business sharing any member’s personal information without their written consent.  The only information TrekLink® has about each member is their name, mobile number, email, and location,  none of which will be shared with other members.  However, keep in mind that if a member's profile is marked "Public", minimal information will become available to the public.

Can I change my password after the initial set up?

You can change your password as frequently as you'd like. Just go to the "my profile" tab near your photo on the right top corner of the page, then click settings, scroll down and find change my password. 

Financially Related Topics

What does it cost to become an Individual Member of TrekLink®?
There is no cost to become an Individual TrekLink® member.  However, in the future, TrekLink® may provide various premium services to our individual members, which may or may not have a cost associated.

What does it cost for my business to be activated on TrekLink®?
There is no cost to accomplish great things on TrekLink® as a Business Member. However, TrekLink® provides a wide variety of premium services to our business members, which potentially have costs associated.

Business Related Questions

How do I sign up my business up to TrekLink® as a Business Member?
TrekLink® signup is quick! Simply click here to create your profile.


Where can I find help?
TrekLink's® customer support team is always happy to help answer any questions you mayhave.  Just send us an email to support@TrekLink.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How do I submit feedback?
We’re always eager to receive feedback, whether it’s positive, negative or suggestions for improvement. Just send us an email to support@TrekLink.com