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The TrekLink ® concept began taking shape the day the Internet went live. On that day, the most powerful set of tools mankind has ever bared witness began the process of creating the illusion that everything in life would become easier to accomplish as long as we had service. As remarkable as it seems, the efficiency or effectiveness of the Internet to assist us with “everything” is a misconception.  Anyone attempting to plan their lives around the spirit of living lively is faced with pulling an ocean of valuable information through a straw the size of our screen. In early 2013, (10,000,000 website less than today) the framework of TrekLink ® was outlined by a visionary with the simple intent to plan ahead, be in the know and to avoid searching through the infinite sea of unorganized and disconnected information associated with who, what, when and where.

As we move closer to seeking believers, closer to doing our work triggering the imagination of others so as to inspire their investment , involvement and advocacy of what we have built, these thoughts come to mind.

We cannot merely promote TrekLink®. We must promote the idea of it's purpose and value, it's potential and the end state that it brings to those who engage it. This is not about the SaaS called TerkLink and it's economic promise. This is not the fire that burns in us. This is not the vision we chase. It is ancillary.

The point is not that TrekLink ® is the ultimate solution to the problem that mankind is missing it's optimal manifestation. It is not merely that people are too quick to accept engagement with their world through digital means, and that we need to engage instead with our heads, hearts and hands....into the real, the actual, the soil, the streets, the scenes. It is not that TrekLink ® is the ideal. The point is that we have the potential to, and thus the obligation to, push into a higher state of being. We can share more than photos, we can connect more deeply with each other than through shares and posts. We can lace our boots and pack our bags and go hand in hand with our fellow man into adventure. We can go to new lands, take on new experiences, learnings, and challenges. We can LIVE as if it were a verb, an action and not a series of static photos set into a sound tracked slide show. We can share the experience of life, doing more of what moves and excites us. We can thrive.

TrekLink ® is not the be all, end all. But if maximizing this life of shared adventure and full engagement with the buffet of opportunity that life on this whole earth affords us....is the point, then TrekLink is most out front and holds the most potential to reach the ideal. TrekLink ® can transform how people actually live. TrekLink ® will get us there first and more fully.

Life is not about sharing office space with WeWork, finding a place to lay your head with AirBnB or capturing a ride with Uber and telling others about it with Instagram.

Life is about where we are going as people, on our own finite time lines, with whom we share the journey and what we do when we get there. With TrekLink ®, we Live Lively (TM).  

Will you invest in life more fully lived?  Will you pounce on opportunity?  Do you see the coalescing developments that declare it is time for this?  Will you invest in TrekLink ®?


The mission of TrekLink ® is to provide a social and commercial go-to collaboration environment, connecting enthusiasts and service providers of any type with fellow enthusiasts and merchants… today or some other time in the near or distant future, locally or anywhere imaginable. TrekLink ®picks up where today’s social networking providers fail to stimulate interaction personally and commercially, beyond one’s immediate network.




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Rob DeSalle Marcin Malicki ArturZapart Sara Malicka

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